Senior Fitness

Senior Fitness

senior fitness classesVO2 Max Fitness® offers residential Senior Fitness classes in a variety of settings, including Skilled Nursing, Memory Care, Assisted Living, Independent Living Communities, and Cooperatives.

The classes can hold up to twenty senior residents, and are held several times weekly. Unlike gatherings led by an Activities Director, our classes are taught by health professionals who know the proper exercise progressions to help seniors regain their balance, mobility, endurance, flexibility and strength.

Our programs are proven to improve wellness through, Physical, Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Environmental, and Intellectual factors.


We offer four level of exercise programs. Safety is always our #1 goal, so each resident’s fitness level indicated through testing conducted by our certified fitness trainers and medical release, determines the exercises appropriate for that resident.


  • Level 1 – Skilled Nursing & Memory Care: These gentle exercises are for residents with the most limited mobility. Generally Level 1 Exercises are most appropriate for those with memory loss or dementia, or who are in wheelchairs or use walkers with assistance. All Level 1 Exercises are done while seated.
  • Level 2 – Memory Care & Assisted Living: Residents who are able to stand without assistance can easily participate in Level 2 Exercises. These low-impact exercises are mostly seated, and are fine for residents with some memory loss, and those in wheelchairs or using walkers.
  • Level 3 – Memory Care & Assisted Living: Residents who can walk on their own, and who have good balance enjoy Level 3 Exercises, which mainly involve standing exercises using bands.
  • Level 4 – Independent Living & 55+: Level 4 Exercises are best for only those residents who are in elite health, with perhaps light reliance on a walker, or who experience some memory loss. Most Level 4 Exercises involve bands, standing, balance and working with a partner.
  • Let’s face it, seniors are living longer, and naturally they want to live better into advanced age. VO2Max Fitness® Senior Fitness seeks to inspire older generations to live longer, healthier lives.

    A few of the many benefits of regular physical activity include:

    • Live longer
    • Improved physical stamina and mobility
    • Enhanced flexibility and balance
    • Better circulation
    • Lower heart disease and blood pressure, resulting in lower stroke risk
    • Improved sleep
    • Improved cognitive skills
    • Reduced medications
    • Renewed energy and endurance
    • Decreased joint and back pain
    • More regular bowel functions
    • Declining depression and anxiety, improved day-to-day well-being