Foods to Boost Testosterone

Foods to Boost Testosterone

Healthy diet leads to healthy life. Testosterone depends on nutritious diets, and nutrients like zinc, vitamins. Here’s the list of foods to boost testosterone

foods to boost testosterone
1. Nuts:


Nuts are really great for testosterone as they are rich in essential fatty acids which provides what body needs to produce testosterone. Almonds are best for testosterone as it provides zinc as well.

2. Tuna:

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Tuna contains vitamin D that is very essential for testosterone production.

3. Egg Yolks:

They are undoubtedly the best food for boosting the testosterone levels. They contain Vitamin-D, cholesterol, saturated fats, amino acids, and omega-3’s.

4. Milk & Butter:

Dairy Products; milk,cheese,ricotta, yogurt and butter

It contains Vitamin-D that keeps a check on testosterone.

5. Oysters:


Oysters are very high in zinc and it contains other nutrients too such as calcium, iodine, selenium, and potassium that are essential for testosterone production.

6. Beef:


Some cuts in beef might be bad for your health, but some cuts can result in elevated testosterone. It contains zinc, vitamin-D, E, K, B.

7. Pineapple:


Due to the presence of an enzyme called bromelain pineapple is very good for your testosterone. Bromelain also improves protein digestion.

8. Garlic:


Garlic lowers cortisol levels in your body that results in elevation in the testosterone levels in your body, cortisol directly affects testosterone in your body.

9. Cabbage:


All Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, brussels sprouts helps to raise the declining testosterone levels due to the presence of indole-3-carbinol. It also decreases the risk of tumors and cancers.

10. Pumpkin seeds:


It is high in zinc and also contains vitamins like E, C, D, K, B, magnesium and potassium.

11. Button mushroom:


They are high in Vitamin-D and they are responsible for some anti-estrogen action in our body.

12. Avocado:

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Avocado is the one of the best foods to boost your testosterone levels, it contains Vitamin-A, B, C, D, E, K, Omega-3, folic acid and good cholesterol.

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