how to loose weight and maintain it

how to loose weight and maintain it

People are always asking me “how do you loose weight and maintain your efforts”.

In this article I will share my personal tips on how to loose weight, stay in shape and maintain those changes.

Loosing weight and getting fit can be a very a complex process due of all the mix information out there, but it does have to be so difficult. The basic concept of loosing weight and getting in shape can be broken down into several easy to answer questions.

  • how much do i need eat to loose weight?
  • what foods can help me loose weight?
  • how can i speed up this process?

How much do i need eat to loose weight? to answer this question we first need to know what is your basic caloric requirement or Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), in other words how many calories does my body needs to performed during the day and we will add extra calories for exercises.

Lets get started: 
body weight x caloric estimator + calories for exercise = RMR

  1. If you live a sedentary lifestyle (desk job, TV and web is your life), take your current weight in pounds ____ x 10 + 400 = _____
  2. If you live a moderate lifestyle (light work, on your feet part of the day), take your current weight in pounds ______ x 11 + 400 = ______
  3. If you live an active lifestyle (manual labor, on feet all day, walk or bike to work), take your current weight in pounds _____ x 12 + 500 = ______

Example: i’m 170 lbs., have a active life style my formula would be: 170 x 12+500 = 2,540

Note: if you just want to loose weight without exercise remove the calories for exercise part: 170 x 12+500 = 2,040

Once you have you RMR and calories for exercise number we can design a exercise a nutrition plan.

12 weeks Exercise plan.
Sedentary lifestyle: walk, jog, or bike 3 day per week and workout 2 days per week, 4 sets of 15, 12, 10, 8 repetitions on each exercise. Note: always warm up before any exercise program.

day 1: wall push ups, step ups, assisted pull ups, air squats. once the exercise get easier start to add weight or modified the exercise.
example: wall push ups to knee push up to push ups, step ups to step ups with water bottle on each hand to step ups with water 3 pound dumbbell on each hand, assisted pull ups to pull ups with less resistance, to regular pull ups, air squats to back squats with 5 pounds bar to back squats 10 pound bar.

days 2: water bottle shoulder presses, water bottle arm curls, water bottle chest press, water bottle front squats.
example: Water bottle shoulder presses to 2 pound dumbbell shoulder presses to 5 pound dumbbell shoulder presses. Water bottle arm curls to 2 pound dumbbell arm curls to 5 pound dumbbell arm curls. Water bottle chest press to 2 pound dumbbell chest press to 5 pound dumbbell chest press. Water bottle front squats to 5 pound dumbbell front squats to 8 pound dumbbell front squats.

Moderate lifestyle:walk, jog, or bike 3 every other day.

Active lifestyle: alternate jog, row machine and bike every other day. 30 minutes minimum.

Tips: any endurance exercise will help you loose weight after 30 minutes of exercise.

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