5K Mud Run Training

5K Mud Run Training

The 5K Mud Run Training program is designed for the novice runner who wishes to compete in a 5K mud run or obstacle course race. This routine is great for training first time competitors, as well as helping return contestants to improve their completion times for a 5K mud run.


Before beginning 5K Mud Run Training, you should be able to run 1 mile without having to stop and walk. If you can not run a full mile, then pace yourself accordingly, walking as needed as you complete each endurance training day. The program is broken into three phases that will allow you to progress from running one mile up to six miles, with breaks in your running to complete high-repetition strength building exercises.

Phase 1 – Warming Up Your Muscles

Week 1 Week 2

During the first phase of the 5K Mud Run Training program, you will work on building your running endurance up to 2 miles without stopping to walk, but with stopping to perform burpees at the completion of each ½ mile and then jumping right back into running. You will also be performing strength training two days a week specifically designed to improve your abilities to complete the obstacles that you will encounter during your race.

Phase 2 – Build Endurance

Week 3 Week 4

Upon completion of Phase 2 you will have achieved the ability to run 3.5 miles without stopping to walk. This distance is just over a 5K length and will ensure that you have built adequate endurance to complete your 5K race. Strength training days will be continued throughout this phase with growing intensity and you will see improvements in your ability to switch between running and performing resistance exercises.

Phase 3 – Getting Race Ready

Week 5 Week 6

By the end of the final phase of the 5K Mud Run Training program you will find yourself able to run a full 4 miles without having to stop and walk. This will ensure that you can not only finish at your mud run, but do so in a competitive fashion. During these final weeks of training you should find that you have become quite efficient at completing a high number of reps of resistance exercises and that your heart rate and muscles can more easily recover. This will ensure that you have the ability and strength to stop running in order to overcome obstacles, then jump right back into running the stretches between them.